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Front to Back workflow change in financial markets

  • Business migrations and new business set ups driven by internal structural and commercial requirements, legal entity/ring fencing requirements and/or Brexit positioning.
  • The interaction with and on-boarding of multiple external market infrastructures such as execution platforms, affirmation platforms, CCPs and I/CSDs.
  • Derivative portfolio optimisation: operating model design, transformation and delivery
  • Collateral transformation programmes and system upgrades.

Cash and liquidity

Aligning Nostro Models with overall Cash and Liquidity strategy requirements.

  • Treasury Operations,Cash Management and CHAPS Control – providing detailed knowledge of the UK high-value payments system
  • Expertise in the on-boarding of new entities to the European market infrastructure for the enablement of security settlement at CREST, Euroclear and Clearstream.
  • Implementation of SWIFT Alliance payments systems, CHAPS and the Bank of England real time gross settlement system (RTGS).
  • Management of unsecured cash funding of Nostros and the liquidity management of the UK and Eurozone RTGS systems, CHAPS, CREST, TARGET2 and T2S.
  • Programme management for the deployment of inter-entity netting systems that reduce credit usage at agent banks, settlement risk and intraday liquidity costs.
  • Assessment of payment-integration initiatives and regulations that impact the European settlements markets e.g. TARGET2 SECURITIES and SEPA Clearing.
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